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Centrifuge Solutions
Specialized Engineering
New applications, existing separation problems, innovative centrifuge conversions are just a part of our custom engineering services. We work closely with experts in the fields of metallurgy, machining, heat treating, X-ray, plating, forging and casting to offer our customers the best solutions to their separationrequirements.

    Our products and services
  • Rubber latex centrifuges ( LRH 310, LRH 410, LRB 510, LC 440, LC 540 ).
  • Reconditioned Alfa laval, Mistubushi,and Westfalia centrifuges for Oil Purification ( MAB 103,104,204,205,206,MAPX 204-TGT, MAPX -205-TGT, MAPX-207-TGT-14-60, MAPX-207-SGT-24-60, MAPX-309-BGT-14, MAPX-210, WHPX-505,510, MOPX 205,207 ).
  • Reconditioned Cream Separators ( Alfa Laval S 2181, 3191).
  • Spare Parts for all types of centrifuges.
  • Base Machines ,all related accessories and high quality spare parts for Rubber Latex Centrifuges (LRH 310, LRH 410, LRB 510, 610, LC 440, LC 540 ).
  • Centrifuge Conversions ( We modify the existing control systems by incorporating modern automations and drive mechanisms ).
  • Centrifuge bowl reconditioning , hard chrome metal coating and precise dynamic balancing.) for all models and makes .
  • CbS Centrifuge Oil Cleaner
  • CbS Portable Oil Centrifuging System.
  • CbS Electrostatic Oil Cleaning System
  • CbS Centrifuge Oil Water Seperator.

Reconditioned Centrifuges
latexprocess As the world financial market has collapsed cascading its catastrophic impact on almost all aspects of our lives, it is indeed a crucial time for us to invest wisely on our infrastructure and machineries. Here comes the importance of ICF. We perfrom the reconditioning, the skid, and controls, the whole package. What takes seven (7)- nine (9) months for an O.E.M, we can do in several weeks, if we have the centrifuge in stock.

Looking for a hard to find centrifuge - call us. Our inventory is always changing, we are buying good quality centrifuges , recondition them for any defects and supply at a very competitive pricing with a year guarantee. We travel to any part of the world to find centrifuges.

Increse your capacity by effectively utilising your spare bowl. We supply base machines and all related accessories at a very cheap price. We will suit your bowl to the new machine and provide one year guarantee for these conversions. You can also opt for AMCs with extended warranty options. Further ,your operation cost is reduced by the availability of high quality spares at very cheap prices. So, why should you wait. Please contact us for exciting offers. Call or email today!

Field Service
Our staff of fully trained and experienced technicians meet your centrifuge service needs. We also offer start-ups, training programs, and preventative maintenance programs, in addition to emergency and scheduled repairs, over-the-phone diagnosis, estimates and inspections. Call us to see how we can fill your service requirements.

In-Shop Repair Service
We specialize in all aspects of centrifuge repair, including bowl repair and rebalancing .. Our bowl repair shop is equipped for complete Bowl Rebuilding,Machining,Chromium Plating, gearbox repair, complete dynamic balancing and testing. We also offer complete frame refurbishing as well as repair of damaged and worn out parts.

Our experienced engineers have solved various problems with centrifuges including the automatic desludging type purifiers,Basket Centrifuges,Oil Water Seperators and portable centrifuges.


Spare Parts
Our spare parts department is fully equipped to meet customers requirements immediately .We maintain a huge inventory of replacement parts for ICF and Alfa-Laval type centrifuges, enabling us to fill your order quickly and efficiently.


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