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Lack of proper sanitation is a major concern for India. It is estimated that one in every ten deaths in India is linked to poor sanitation and hygiene. Diarrhoea is the single largest killer and accounts for one in every twenty deaths. Studies by UNICEF have also shown that diseases resulting from poor sanitation affect children in their cognitive development. Inadequate sanitation caused India considerable economic losses, equivalent to 6.4 per cent of India’s GDP in 2010 at US$53.8 billion (Rs.2.4 trillion)

BIO TOILETS for Domestic Application
We offer a combination of anaerobic and aerobic treatment processes as a solution to domestic sewage treatment requirements. The normal septic tank can be completely replaced with our system. The system will completely avoid manual scavenging and Ground water contamination, as the liquid effluent is pathogen free. Install the Biotoilets and prevent diseases, this is a service to our nation, as more than 30% of child deaths in India are caused due to contaminated water because of improper sanitation..
BIO TOILETS are offered with an innovative technology developed by DRDO ,Govt of India, to treat the sewage in an ecofriendly manner, where the treated effluent is free from pathogens. These toilets are supplied with prefabricated toilet structure, a specially designed Biodigester tank and the bacterial consortium. These cost effective toilets can be easily installed in public places without any sewage line or septic tank connection.
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