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Dynamic Balancing
Following the manufacture or repair of any rotating component it has become a standard practice to dynamically balance it. Balancing reduces bearing load and running noise and increases the life, quality and efficiency of rotating machinery.
We provide Dynamic Balancing as per ISO 1940-1973E standards. We have developed a state of the art dynamic balancing facility at Ettumanoor to undertake various critical jobs
Weight : 1kg to 1000kg
Maximum Diameter : 1200mm
Maximum Length : 2500mm

We have a large range of abilities, gained through the practical experience in production and trouble-shooting with regard to vibration problems within rotating machinery. For a number of years we have advised on design problems and participated in the balancing of various critical equipments ranging from centrifuge bowls,turbochargers,electrical rotors,turbines,Fans,impellers,clarifiers,decanters and so on.

The integrity of the balancing is maintained by regular calibration of the balancing machines. Balancing certificates can be raised for all components.


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